• To My Beloved
    I write to you with a full heart, a heart bursting at the seams and a mind spiraling out of […]
  • Mashujaa day: Celebrating Five of Our Fallen Heroes.
    Today marks a very important day in Kenya, Mashujaa day. The day we celebrate the heroes who fought for our […]
  • Assembling Pieces of Me (part one)
    October has been a pretty wild month for me, it’s been filled with both excitement and anxiety that my birthday […]
  • My Favorite Things
    Warm hugs Hot showers Journaling while having breakfast Writing fiction More writing Long cuddles after stressful days Forehead kisses Buying […]
  • Serenity
    You can disappoint people and still be good enough You can make mistakes and still be capable and talented You […]
  • Finding Yourself
    You aren’t a ten-dollar bill in last winter’s coat pocket, you are not lost. Your true self is right there […]
    She was dying to finish high school and start college And then she was dying to finish college and start […]
  • D.D
    Grey was the color of the sweater you wore in the lab that Friday it was my first time seeing […]
  • The Mackenzies
    (Prequel to Mine! Now and Forever More, a mix of what could’ve been and what wasn’t.) “Richard come see, come see!” […]
  • Mine! Now and Forever More
    (Disclaimer: This is purely a work of fiction and I do not encourage the actions portrayed by the character.) Everyone […]

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